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Autumn 1 Week 5 (Monday 27th September - Friday 1st October)

PE - Monday 27th October


This week in PE, we explored different parts of our bodies using a beanbag. We then had a good go at balancing our beanbag on different parts of our bodies.
Our head, shoulders, hands, knees, feet.

At the end of our lesson in the hall we played a game of beanbag dash!

The children were in groups and they had to take turns to collect a beanbag from the middle of the hall and bring it back to their hoop. 

The children listened really well and had a good go. 

Games in the hall with Mrs Blackburn



On Friday we had a great day celebrating Elmer Day!


We all dressed up in bright colours and different clothes to celebrate the fact we all like different things!


Here we are ready to start our talent show. The children who wanted to join in had a go at performing in front of their audience of Elmer's! We had great fun!