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Week 4


This week we have been looking at counting in 10's. We used a variety of resources to help us count in 10's. We then used this information to help 'Tiny' and his friend solve some problems.

R.E - Baptism

We have been learning about the Christian celebration of 'Baptism'. We were invited to church by Rev. Rebecca to attend the 'Baptism' of Baby Charlie. We were able to have a look in the 'Baptism Book' where all Baptisms since 1983 are recorded. We were able to find some people we know in the book.


Our English topic is all about the story of 'Zog', we have been doing a shared write with Mrs Clitheroe helping her to create her own version. We then used this to help us create our own versions of the story. Zog and the princess end up being flying doctors.

My dragon met a princess and they became movie star's - Oscar

In Year 1, my dragon learnt to fly but bumped into a blackberry bush - Sophie

My dragon met a princess and they became the best dancers - Lottie


We looked at creating repeating patterns in Art this week. Using printing technique with natural resources we created our own repeating pattern.