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Week 4

PE - Basketball

We made the most of the sunshine today in PE. We practiced passing the ball and defending. We then played in teams to get the ball over the line.

English - Gathering information

We worked together in pairs to gather information about Anglo-Saxons for our shared chronological report using the iPads.

Maths- Finding fractions of numbers

We used base 10 to work out fractions of larger numbers, exchanging our 10's when needed.

Science Day - Displaying our work

We prepared our work all about Marie Curie and displayed it in the hall, so all the other children could come and see what we had discovered about her. We also had the chance to look at all the other classes work too and what they had discovered about their chosen person.

Science Day - X Ray Machine

We found out that our scientist, Marie Curie, helped to invent x-ray machines during the war using radium.  She helped save the lives of many soldiers with the x-ray machine as it could be used to locate broken bones, bullets and shrapnel in the soldiers bodies.

A small group of children worked with Miss Hall to create an x-ray machine for our science display table.

Science Day - Tower Building

We were challenged to build a tower as tall as we could using 15 marshmallows and 25 sticks of spaghetti.

These are pictures from our first attempt!

English - Non-Chronological reports

In English, we have been looking at Non-Chronological reports. In our groups we came up with some true or false questions for the rest of our class, based on our reports. The other children worked in pairs to find out the correct answers, using the reports to help. We all did a super job, with some great questions!