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Week 5

What we've been up to this week...


I want to start by saying a HUGE thankyou to both the support staff in Year 3 and the children. This week I have been teaching from home via zoom as I have been isolating due to COVID. I have been blown away by the effort and behaviour of the children, despite me not being there in person. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful class who have got on with their learning in such a positive way. What a lucky teacher I am!


We have continued with division in maths, this time moving on to remainders. The children enjoyed exploring this with cones in outdoor learning. We also looked at scaling using multiplication and division and also investigating how many combinations can be made from a set number of options. 


Our shared write was completed this week and the work produced has been fantastic. The children have written their own versions of The Secret Seven, each day putting into practice a particular writing skill. Next week, they will show off these skills in their independent write. I can't wait to read them!


History has been full of speculation and discussion this week as we focussed on monuments. We looked at monuments in the world today and why they are built. We then looked at the monument at Merrivale, from the Bronze Age. We speculated about why it was built and then added our own drawings of organic material additions to reconstruct what it might have looked like in the Bronze Age. We then wrote a post card to a friend, pretending to be a Bronze Age person who has just visited Merrivale with our family. 


In PE the children continued with their dance, this time exploring different levels and adapting dance moves to reflect this. 


Miss S x

Maths - Finding Combinations

History - Bronze Age