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Autumn 2

Week 1 to 3


We have been recapping all the maths skills we learnt last half term.


We are now looking at 3D and 2D shapes. We thought about how shapes make the things we draw and used this to create chalk drawings on the playground.


We have been reading the book 'Stuck'. This story is all about a boy whose kite got stuck in a tree, the children thought this was very funny because the boy threw some interesting things into the tree to get the kite out.

As part of their writing the children had to compile a list of things they would throw into the tree, remembering each item needed to get bigger.


Christymol chose a hair bow; books; a house and a rollercoaster.


Lottie chose a toy snake; bath tub; tiger and a sailing ship.


Our topics in P.S.H.E have been about feelings; emotions; how our feelings make us feel and how our actions make others feel.

We thought about the reasons we might feel happy; sad; angry; scared or worried.

We then considered some of the feelings that might be associated with these emotions.


I would feel happy if I was sweaty because it means we have been working hard doing exercise in PE - Oscar.

If my lip is trembling it means I am sad and going to cry - Christymol.

I will be mad if someone spoils my work - Lily.

Our tummy might have butterflies in if we are scared.

Our tummy might feel fizzy if we are scared.

The fire alarm going off makes me feel scared because it might be a real fire - Eska.

First day in a new class could make us scared - Lily.

Meeting someone for the first time might make us worried and shy - Kian.


Some fabulous thoughts from Year 1.


We also talked about how the things we say and do can upset other people. Can something we say be unkind; teasing or bullying?

The children were able to decide which heading a statement would fit into. We also talked about how we can make someone who is upset by a comment feel better.