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Week 3

What we've been up to this week...


In English this week, we have been exploring our new text, The Tin Forest. We have generated some questions about the text and created a conversation between two characters to practise our use of inverted commas for direct speech. 


In maths we looked at comparing angles, as well as recapping our knowledge of 2D shapes by completing a behind the mystery door reasoning challenge. 


We got soaked in PE on Wednesday!! If your child came home soggy that day then I do apologise, the rain came out of nowhere! It was the very last lesson so don't worry, we weren't sitting in wet clothes all day! The rain was a blessing in disguise as Year 4 let us gate crash their teambuilding games in the hall and we had a brilliant time! We finished the rest of our tennis lesson on Thursday afternoon. 


In music, we had a great time creating soundscapes to an animated video. The children chose instruments to represent the movement and objects in the video and did a brilliant job. 


On Friday, we started our burger sculptures in the style of the artist, Claes Oldenburg. We scrunched and rolled newspaper to manipulate it into the shapes we needed for each part of our burger. It was quite challenging and required lots of patience! 


 On Wednesday and Thursday, we had our transition days to Year 4. The children spent time with their new teacher and support staff and had lots of fun completing activities and games. They all returned with excited smiles and said they had a great time. 


That's all for this week! 


Miss S x

Art - Creating Burger Sculptures

Guided Reading - acting out a conversation between characters

Teambuilding game - catch the pool noodle

PE - Tennis (before the rain!)