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Autumn 1 Week 4 (Monday 20th September - Friday 24th September)

Drawing Club


This week we launched Drawing Club in Reception Class and it was a huge success! Drawing Club encorporates literacy, maths, stories, fine motor skills and much more.

Each week we will focus on a book/tale or video. We will learn 7/8 new words and actions to go with them.

We start every session with our get up/ stand up vocabulary.
On the first two days we read the book and then each day we have a focus for the drawing. Miss Bryan models her drawing and adds maths into it and mark making. The children have their own drawing club book and after the whole class session they are invited to the table to have a go at their own masterpieces.

Below you can see an overview of this week's Drawing Club fun.

It would be great if you could talk about the new vocabulary at home. Ask the children to show you the action!